We’ve Leveled the Playing Field Just for You


Just because you are a smaller wholesale distributor, it doesn’t mean you can’t take on your bigger competitors and win. It used to be that only larger enterprises could afford the best ERP technology. But things have changed since we introduced the integration of modules tailored to small-to-mid-sized wholesalers into distribution management software.

Many small-to-mid-sized businesses rely on Microsoft Dynamics® NAV to streamline operations and provide visibility into their business. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution manages financials, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, project and service management, and offers business intelligence and reporting.

In addition to these features, we’ve added four proprietary components that will give smaller wholesale distributors an edge:  Product Management, Demand Planning, Container Management and Distribution modules.  A combination of ERP with customized wholesale technology will provide a distinct advantage for smaller wholesalers.

Product Management

Manage prices and discounts, product descriptions, attributes and much more so that everyone on your team can efficiently find the information they need and quickly respond to customers. Generate product data sheets with product images and manage various documents such as drawings or certificates.

You’ll have immediate access to landed cost, sales prices as well as product availability by location. The product availability not only shows current items on stock, it also provides details about incoming container shipments with their estimated time or arrival that that helps you fulfilling demand from sales orders.

Demand Planning

Essential for strict inventory control and creating accurate forecasts, this module will track item availability, vendor data, replenishment rules for each item, and will keep your inventory under control. With advanced forecasting, it’s easy to calculate expected consumption based on past average consumption over a defined period.

Demand Planning lets you instantly see the optimal reorder quantity based on parameters such as reorder point, minimum order quantity, lead time or reorder cycle. Once all these parameters are defined, you can use the replenishment worksheet to calculate the demand and automatically generate purchase orders to vendors.

With just a few clicks, everyone on your staff can process requisitions, locate items, drill down into transaction details, see the sales and purchase orders, or call up the product’s accumulated statistics. It’s a whole new level of integration and productivity designed to help smaller wholesalers compete with the same advantages enjoyed by the larger competitors.

Container Management

Improve profit margins by controlling freight and shipping costs. Control in-transit products and monitor shipping costs while en route. Combine purchase orders from multiple vendors and ship in one container to optimize fill level and ship time from your suppliers to your warehouses.

In order to calculate the true landed cost of your products, you can allocate invoices for freight, customs duties, fumigation and other transport related cost to each container and charge each product based on volume, weight, value or units. The unit cost of items that have already been sold before you received all freight invoices will automatically be adjusted.


Save time and improve productivity by converting sales quotes to orders. Use real-time data to monitor demand and reservations, which will enable you to perform more accurate fulfillment planning. You can also integrate shipping with external services, such as FedEx and UPS as well as integrate your external warehouse using EDI.

Wholesale distributors typically experience high levels of activity in all of their departments from the front office to the back warehouse. All of this data can be easily organized into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and our proprietary add-ons. Contact Albrecht Solutions for more information about this comprehensive software solution and how it can help you compete in the big leagues.

By Albrecht Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner out of California.

Date 21.05.2016 - 06:25


Felix Albrecht

Founder and Partner, specialized in Project Management, Global Rollouts, Supply Chain Management