Your Solution to Business Evolution


Welcome to our new corporate identity, new website and new blog. I would like to use this resource to share information about our productsand services as well as provide insight on our latest projects and customers. All postings should reflect our tagline: Your solution to business evolution.

But first, a little about what we do. Based on our years of experience, we help companies become more efficient, either by reducing costs or increasing sales velocity at similar costs. We have the expertise and tools to create your solution to business evolution. What does this mean for your business? In one of the next blog postings, you will receive more insight on our recent projects to better assist your understanding of what we do.
As a consulting company, our most valuable asset is our people. Therefore, we will encourage our employees to share their experiences with various projects and customers. This will include teammates of all levels; senior consultants, junior consultants or even interns who may share their first experiences with our products and projects. Our goal is that our readers have the opportunity to learn as much about us as possible prior to getting in contact with us.

We believe now is the right time to make the implementation of integrated business software and more efficient processes affordable for all companies. For that, we will soon offer cloud-based business software for small and medium-sized enterprises with monthly per-user pricing. We include the analysis, implementation, development and training in this monthly fee; so no upfront investment will be required.

Do you have any comments, ideas or other feedback? Or perhaps you may want to work for us? I am looking forward to responding to you.

Felix Albrecht

Date 16.05.2016 - 16:23


Felix Albrecht

Founder and Partner, specialized in Project Management, Global Rollouts, Supply Chain Management