Wholesale Distribution


If you are a wholesaler, the way you solve business challenges has changed radically in the last few years. The competitive advantage today lies in real-time insights that are delivered by customized software solutions. The large distributors pay exorbitant fees to use large-scale systems that have been mostly unaffordable by smaller and mid-size distributors. They have had an unfair advantage in the sophistication of tools that streamline distribution management and optimize profits.

But if you’re a smaller or mid-size wholesaler, now you can have those same advantages in a complete distribution management solution designed specifically for you: Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Albrecht Solutions, configured and customized as an extremely powerful and affordable answer to your needs.

This solution is your unfair advantage. It’s an affordable software system that can dramatically help you optimize rising costs for transportation and storage while facing downward pricing pressure from larger competitors. It can give your distribution team full visibility across items, customers, transportation, schedules and costs.

Let us show you how smoothly your operations can run with integrated Product Management, Demand Planning, Container Management and Distribution modules designed and configured for your needs.

Product Management

  • Maintain product lifecycle on centralized systems
  • Specify product attributes: material, color, measurements, application, masterpack
  • Upload images and print product data sheets
  • Link external documents to products via drag & drop
  • Define sales prices and discounts by specific attributes

When everyone on your team can see the same up-to-date data, and gain usable information from it, everyone is able to make better decisions on the spot. Answers come faster and schedules are met. Now, you can give your workers some of the industry’s most powerful and flexible, field-proven tools through Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The first module in this custom solution, Product Management, can give you real-time access to any attribute or status of every item in your system, in stock or in transit. Anyone on your staff can reference it to answer specific questions on an item’s make, model, color, size, use, packaging and more. It removes ambiguity from your data, avoiding problems with shipments usually only discovered upon delivery.

You’ll have immediate access to landed cost and profit levels. You’ll be able to quickly and easily balance stock levels and service levels and know what’s happening in the moment.

That’s just the beginning, the first module of four that all share and validate information upon which you can depend.

Demand Planning

  • Track item availability, reservations and scheduled receipts by warehouse
  • Define attributes for demand planning: reorder point, minimum order quantity or lead times
  • Define purchase prices per vendor, maintain vendors and replenishment methods for each item
  • Use the Requisition Worksheet to understand the demand for each item
  • Automatically generate purchase orders from the Requisition Worksheet

Consider how quickly the market demand for an item can change, and how often it changes. With many products, demand and price fluctuations are a constant. When you’re distributing hundreds of products, forecasting demand, managing prices and tracking inventories, you need a world-class software solution.

We have it. The Demand Planning module for distribution gives you an integrated dashboard of information that provides actionable insights. Compare the past and present, forecast the near-future, and place the order in one simple workflow.

With advanced forecasting, it’s easy to calculate expected consumption based on past average consumption over a defined period. Demand Planning lets you instantly see the optimal reorder quantity based on parameters such as reorder point, minimum order quantity, lead time or reorder cycle. As you use it to generate purchase orders based on expected requirements, it automatically suggests the ideal order quantity for each different product and vendor.

With just a few clicks, everyone on your staff can process requisitions, locate items, drill down into transaction details, see the sales and purchase orders, or call up the product’s accumulated statistics. It’s a whole new level of integration and productivity designed to help smaller wholesalers compete with the same advantages enjoyed by the larger competitors.

Container Management

  • Plan and create containers optimized for size, fill level and ship time
  • Combine multiple purchase orders into one container
  • Keep track of containers and their items on the water
  • Maintain item availability based on ETA dates for incoming containers
  • Assign freight, customs and other costs to items based on value, volume or weight
  • Print container reports and shipping documents

The Container Management module tracks products that are in-transit between the factory and warehouse and it monitors transportation costs, allowing you to calculate the real landed cost for each item.

Fully integrated with purchasing, it lets you combine several purchase orders from different vendors into one container. Products received on a container are reflected in your inventory as in-transit and show up in the item availability overview with their estimated time of arrival. Sales orders can be reserved against incoming containers, and as you update them, the expected receipt date automatically updates the expected shipment date on the sales order.

To calculate the landed cost, you can see the costs for ocean freight, inland freight, customs and duties, which you can distribute across the received items – equally or based on value, volume or weight. For each container, the quoted freight cost can be added in order to compare budget with actual cost per container. This allows you to identify the real landed cost and compare freight costs over defined time periods.


  • Create sales quotes and convert them to orders
  • Track real-time item demand and reservations for order fulfillment planning
  • Combine multiple sales orders into one shipment
  • Prepare shipment documents and shipping manifests
  • Integrate with external warehouse services thru EDI
  • Automatically integrate shipment with FedEx and UPS
  • Transfer goods between warehouses

The Distribution module is a powerful set of functions that let you monitor and manage the movement of goods with real-time activities and updates on every item in your distribution system.

For starters, it gives you all the information you need to create a sales quote based on inventory and current item demand. You save time with integrated functions that let you quickly turn a quote into an order without re-keying data, then combine multiple orders into a single shipment.

Next, it guides you through the shipping form and manifest, using information you’ve already entered. At any time, you have full visibility of associated documents and details, exceptions and follow-up needs.

Finally, because each of the modules in the Distribution solution are fully integrated, you always have a detailed item, transportation and customer history at your fingertips. You eliminate the traditional process of searching for information in separate databases or applications, saving time and improving accuracy. You can drill down deep to reach any associated information from within the module, and all of the information you use is always the most up-to-date.

When you have a small staff and have to manage a lot of items in transit, saving time on each order adds up to significant productivity delivered at the end of the day. When your distribution system is working at optimum efficiency with full insight, you can spend less time fixing delivery problems and apologizing to customers and more time focusing on profit maximization.